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Solidary Foundation and Bethlehem Arab Society For Rehabilitation are working together to help persons with disabilities become independent in their daily activities as much as possible, and be integrated into society whereby they may earn their living. Dr. Edmund Shehadeh and the staff of (BASR) work together so hard to help persons with disabilities.

Bethlehem Arab Society For Rehabilitation (BASR) non profit, non-government organization. It is the pioneer and the most developed in rendering a wide range of high quality rehabilitation services for children and adults with various disabilities. Since its foundation in 1960, BASR , has been always keen on developing and upgrading its services. It is also concerned with networking and cooperation with local and international institutions involved in this field. Since then, BASR has been greatly concerned with developing the quality of the rehabilitation services it renders to people with special needs and upgrading the skills and expertise if its qualified professionals and specialists as well as making available the most advanced technical aids and equipment that are necessary for the rehabilitation process. Patients are thoroughly assessed by a multi-professional team after which a comprehensive rehabilitation program is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Services Provided by BASR

Adopting a holistic approach to rehabilitation, BASR provides a wide range of highly specialized rehabilitation services at a national level for children and adults suffering from : head injuries, fractures, cerebral vascular accidents, hemeplegia, cerebral palsy, congenital malformation, peripheral neuropathy, rheumatism, spinal cord injuries and other disabilities.

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Dr. Edmund Shehadeh, Letter

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