Mr. Paul Chehade President of Solidary with Mr. Francesco Vivacqua Rotary Club Milano Scala , Milan, Italy.

In 1974 he established the company called International Institute for Studies and Distribution shorted “Istudi Ltd.” that begins its activity elaborating trade town-plannings for italian Municipalities.

Subsequently the company will acquire a big experience in trade plans drawing up for big distribution chains all over Europe.

During the years from ’78 to 85 Vivacqua develops the presence of Italian firms in Middle East and Mediterranean basin Area , becoming executive vice president of Italian Chamber of Commerce for OPEC Countries.

In the same period he is a member of Board of Directors of Federexport (Italian Federation of Export Consortia) whose chief seat is in Rome c/o Confindustria.

Expert in Joint-Ventures establishment and in providing money for undertakings , Mr. Vivacqua is nowadays one of the most qualified suppliers of financing marketing to italian bank system and to italian Commons.

He’s been ranning the Company Istudi Srl since its establishment and todays he’s its senior partner.

  Rotary Club of Milano Scala
Milan, Italy