Dear Mr. Chehade,

On behalf of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and myself, I would like to congratulate you and your fine Institution "Solidary" for the incredible project to built a most needed General Hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the participation of the Vatican Ecclesiastic Authority of Rome, the Rotary Club International and other fine Institutions.

It is our privilege and honor to have the opportunity of participating in such important project that will help thousands of needy individuals in Africa, and provide the most advanced technologies in a region that has suffered for decades the lack of medical infrastructure, advanced medicine and qualified surgeons.

The task of creating the proper channels to raise the sum of US $10,000,000 is not an easy task and we understand the importance of providing you and your foundation our full support for such noble cause. Our Institution with its offices in 26 countries is at your disposition to be the bridge for coordinating, assisting and seek financial support among our 29,000 member companies worldwide.


George Alessandri II
President & C.E.O.

United States Foreign Trade Institute Support The Hospital Project

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