Benoit Menasche

Solidary Goodwill Ambassador

Benoit was born in Cairo, Egypt in a prominent family.  His father, Maurice Menasche, was the architect for the King Farouk and his royal family.   Some of his famous designs include the rebuilding of the city of Heliopolis, the famous Cairo Opera House that was burned in 1956, and the Coca-Cola plant in Cairo, among many of his other recognized achievements. 

Benoit was educated in private French schools, and at age 11 he started to show his artistic talent by writing poetry and fairy tales.  He was an avid and frequent visitor at the Museum of Art of Cairo.  His favorite pastime was immersing himself in Pharaoh’s artistic and spiritual studies, which compelled him to write short stories based on Pharaoh’s way of life.  He continued his studies in architecture at L’Ecole Polytechnique de L’Universite de Lausanne in Switzerland.  The 1956 Egyptian Revolution forced him to return to Cairo, however after a short stay he escaped to Paris, France.  In Paris, Benoit influenced by the art at the Louvre Museum decided to study art.  During this time he wrote 3 books of poetry, novels, plays and fairy tales in the French language.  This was also the period where he met many young French painters that introduced him to oil painting, and a life long love affair with art. 

In the early 1960's, Benoit moved to the United States where he continued to master the art of oil painting.  Many of his works are displayed all over the world.

In 1980’s Benoit’s interest in art expanded into sculptures.  His creativity is unique and is best represented in his sculptures.  He works predominantly in marble and alabaster, and is best described as an impressionist.  His originality is due to the concept of never adhering to any specific school of art.  He believes that stone and wood have their own life, and he is only the hand that brings it to light.  Utilizing the energy of personal and spiritual perception, he expresses his vision through creative shapes and forms.  Benoit’s experiences as a master in the studies of Universal Energy affected his versatility in stone, but he believes that real creativity stems mostly from hard work.

In the last decade, in addition to sculpting and writing, Benoit has devoted his time to promoting art in Broward County and specifically in Pembroke Pines.  He was the Chairperson of the Pembroke Pines Art and Culture Board, at which time he brought forth a vision of art for The City of Pembroke Pines, he conceived the idea of an Artist Colony that would bring together artists of many different talents and cultures, for the enrichment of our beautiful city.  He personally recruited artists to participate in the Pembroke Pines Art Festival, which every year since became a bigger and bigger success. He is presently the Curator of Pembroke Pines Glass Gallery and Florida International University’s Gallery.  The Glass Gallery received the Readers Award of Excellence for 2004, from the Miami Herald.  Due to Benoit’s multi-lingual abilities (English, French, Arabic, some Spanish and Italian) he was able to communicate with many international artists.  As a curator Benoit discovered, interviewed, encouraged and helped a multitude of painters, sculptors, wood-turners and photographers.  This past year the City of Pembroke Pines hosted its Third Annual Art Competition under his direction. 

Under Benoit’s direction a Calendar featuring the art of Pembroke Pines High School most talented students was published, and an Art Scholarship of  $1,500.00 for a deserving student was added to the Emerging Artists Fund.

Benoit’s involvement with the community led him to work closely with different organizations such as the Jewish Community Center, and the Kiwanis of which he is presently the President-Elect.

In 2006, the Mayor of Pembroke Pines, Frank Ortiz requested of Benoit to create a base for a girder from the fallen towers of World Trade Center.  Benoit was given a free hand to his creativity.  He proceeded to work on a plan for a 9/11 Memorial.  He brought the idea of steel and marble to a fellow artist Felix Gonzales.  They became partners in the execution of the Memorial.  The scope of the artwork as Benoit sees it will be an extremely moving experience to all the viewers. 

When asked where he gets all his energy, Benoit believes that it comes from the love and admiration he has for his fellow men, the artists and their art, and his belief that art is the only constant of our civilization.

For his time and dedication to the community it is a pleasure to have among us Mr. Benoit Menasche.

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