Solidary Foundation is very aware of the great need of help for the City of Miami , Florida. Solidary Foundation has a program opened  to the general public to provide goods and food to families who are struggling, and provide good and food free directly to the people, local churches and non-profits organizations who are working with persons who are poor within their communities worldwide.

Solidary Foundation works every day to make life better for countless men, women and children in the South Florida community and worldwide.

Thank you for your support!

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Some of Free Delivering Donations in Miami , Florida.

Free Delivering # 1 in Miami , Florida , View Photo Gallery
Free Delivering # 2 in Miami , Florida , View Photo Gallery
Free Delivering # 3 in Miami , Florida , View Photo Gallery
Free Delivering # 4 in Miami , Florida , View Photo Gallery
Free Delivering # 5 in Miami , Florida , View Photo Gallery

Donation to Instituto Adventista de Ensino

 Donation Letter  
 Invoice Container No. 1 Invoice Container No. 11 
 Invoice Container No. 2 Invoice Container No. 12
 Invoice Container No. 3 Invoice Container No. 13
 Invoice Container No. 4 Invoice Container No. 14
 Invoice Container No. 5 Invoice Container No. 15
 Invoice Container No. 6 Invoice Container No. 16
 Invoice Container No. 7 Invoice Container No. 17
 Invoice Container No. 8 Invoice Container No. 18
 Invoice Container No. 9 Invoice Container No. 19
 Invoice Container No. 10 Invoice Container No. 20

Donations to local churches and non-profits organizations, some Letters of Appreciation

 Letter  1  Letter 11 Letter 21  Letter 31 Letter 41 Letter 51 Letter 61
 Letter  2  Letter 12 Letter 22 Letter 32 Letter 42 Letter 52 Letter 62
 Letter  3 Letter 13 Letter  23 Letter 33 Letter 43 Letter 53 Letter 63
 Letter  4 Letter 14 Letter 24 Letter 34 Letter 44 Letter 54 Letter 64
 Letter  5  Letter 15 Letter 25 Letter 35 Letter 45 Letter 55 Letter 65
 Letter  6  Letter 16 Letter 26 Letter 36 Letter 46 Letter 56 Letter 66
 Letter  7 Letter 17 Letter 27 Letter 37 Letter 47 Letter 57 
 Letter  8  Letter 18 Letter 28 Letter 38 Letter 48 Letter 58 
 Letter  9  Letter 19 Letter 29 Letter 39 Letter 49 Letter 59 
 Letter 10  Letter 20 Letter 30 Letter 40 Letter 50 Letter 60 

Legal Advice:
Solidary Foundation, is a charitable organization,established within the terms of section 501 (c)(3) of the Code of Exemption of taxes of the United States of America. Solidary Foundation deliver Food and/or Goods (Clothing, Personal Care Products for Free) to help the people in need directly in South Florida especially in Miami to work together with the community.
To participate of this program the donations must be used by the recipient.

The workers and/or volunteers of Solidary Foundation or to whom represent any organization who collaborate for delivering Food and/or Goods should not require any Picture Identification and are not authorized to ask any question to the recipient in reference: Immigration Status Identification, Economical Situation, Marital Status, and can be no discrimination based on race, color or religious affiliation when they came to receive Food and/or Goods.

All Food and/or Goods must go back to the distribution location for the people in need. The Food and/or Goods will not be transferred or exchanged for money, or other services. Solidary Foundation notify to the Staff members. Volunteers and Recipients do not assume the risk when the Food and/or Good are delivered and the Staff members, Volunteers and Recipient release and forever discharge the parties defined below, of and from all abilities, claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses of any nature. The quantities described are estimated, depending directly of the product that will arrive and to be distributed.

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