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A world of resources for your organization and the people you serve!

Driven by a mission of providing an effective conduit for the donation of products, goods and services from the private sector to the charitable sector.

Benefits to Non-Profits:

Non-profit organizations can increase productivity through donated software, computers, office equipment and supplies.

Product donations help nonprofits fulfill their missions and serve the needy.

Solidary is very aware of the great need of help for the city of Miami , Florida and for that reason has initiated a program in which has opened to the public the first one of several warehouses to serve all the Non-profits organization to help the people in need.

The dedicated support of an actively involved Board  is a key factor in Solidary's  ability to carry out its global mission. Each board member brings a wealth of expertise, experience and caring that helps us serve those in need around the world. 

Solidary warehouse in Miami, Florida. 



        Mr. Paul Chehade, Ms. Sandra Littles, Mr. Ezra Menasche                        Ms. Sandra Littles, Mr. Ezel Littles, Mr. Ezra Menasche


            Father Antonio Altarejos García, Mr. Paul Chehade                                           Father Antonio Altarejos García

Image Image  

                 Pastor Michael Rodas, Mr. Ezra Menasche                               Mr. Ezra Menasche, Mr. Paul Chehade, Pastor Michael Rodas

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Solidary & Gifts in Kind Program Activities:

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How Solidary & Gifts In Kind  Program Works:

Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) Federal tax-exempt status (or similar status for the country in which the charity is located), Indian Reservations, and tax-exempt educational organizations are eligible to access donated products through Solidary. There are some fees involved with receiving donations:

Annual registration fee. As Solidary & Gifts In Kind Program are also nonprofits, this fee covers our costs for processing your application and communicating with you.

Administrative fees for shipping and handling of donated products. Donated product is free, but it costs Solidary & Gifts In Kind Program to get the donation to you. To help absorb some of these expenses, we charge a low Administrative Fee that you pay every time you request a donation.

Registration Benefits

Non-profit organizations worldwide are invited to register with Solidary & Gifts In Kind Program to:

Increase your productivity by gaining quick, easy access to donations of top-quality software, computers, office equipment and supplies.

Improve lives in your community with donations of newly manufactured personal care products, youth and educational materials, building supplies, household items, clothing and other products.

Computer equipment, office supplies and technology training offered just for nonprofits.

Registration Forms

Please download and complete the appropriate annual registration application.

Mail application, required documentation, and registration fee to:

Solidary & Gifts In Kind Program
P.O. Box 451506
Miami, Florida 33245 - 1506
United States of America

Based on your type of organization, please select one of the following:

Direct Registration‚ÄĒfor U.S. Non-profits wishing to register directly with Solidary & Gifts In Kind Program.

B) Educational Registration‚ÄĒfor Tax-Exempt Educational Organizations without 501(c)(3) status wanting to register directly with Solidary. Please note that this type of membership is smaller in scale than registering a nonprofit organization.

Registration Form

Legal Advice:
Solidary Foundation, is a charitable organization,established within the terms of section 501 (c)(3) of the Code of Exemption of taxes of the United States of America. Solidary Foundation deliver Food and/or Goods (Clothing, Personal Care Products for Free) to help the people in need directly in South Florida especially in Miami to work together with the community.
To participate of this program the donations must be used by the recipient.

The workers and/or volunteers of Solidary Foundation or to whom represent any organization who collaborate for delivering Food and/or Goods should not require any Picture Identification and are not authorized to ask any question to the recipient in reference: Immigration Status Identification, Economical Situation, Marital Status, and can be no discrimination based on race, color or religious affiliation when they came to receive Food and/or Goods.

All Food and/or Goods must go back to the distribution location for the people in need. The Food and/or Goods will not be transferred or exchanged for money, or other services. Solidary Foundation notify to the Staff members. Volunteers and Recipients do not assume the risk when the Food and/or Good are delivered and the Staff members, Volunteers and Recipient release and forever discharge the parties defined below, of and from all abilities, claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses of any nature. The quantities described are estimated, depending directly of the product that will arrive and to be distributed.

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