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History and Purpose of the role:

The  title of Solidary Goodwill Ambassador. The  celebrities have followed, acting as international, regional or national ambassadors, depending on their profile, interests, and desired level of responsibility. The goal of the program is to allow celebrities with a demonstrated interest in Solidary issues to use their fame to draw attention to important issues. This may take the form of public appearances and talks, visits to troubled regions, which draw attention from the media, and use of their political access to advocate Solidary.

The Solidary Goodwill Ambassador Programme is dedicated to promoting Solidary's vision of a world without hunger.  The Solidary Goodwill Ambassadors, distinguished men and women of talent and passion, have expressed their desire to help focus global attention on the noble aims of the world free from hunger.

Meet the Solidary Goodwill Ambassadors:

Using their talents and influence, a number of celebrities have joined the campaign to end world hunger together with Solidary. By becoming Solidary Goodwill Ambassadors, they have committed themselves personally and professionally to address the universal humanitarian goals that underpin Solidary‚Äôs mission ‚Äď to build a food-secure world for present and future generations.

The main purpose is to increase the efforts of the Solidary attract public attention to the unacceptable situation in which, although the world produces a great abundance of food, more than 850 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Worldwide, this means that almost one person in seven is chronically hungry - one person in five in the developing world.

It is in this global effort of Solidary Goodwill Ambassadors play a meaningful and crucial role. Using their influence in favour of the fight against hunger and malnutrition, aiming to make Food for All a reality in the 21st century and beyond.

Appeal Against World Hunger:

The Solidary Goodwill Ambassadors have expressed their support for the fight against hunger by signing the "Appeal against hunger".

Chronic hunger means that millions of children die before reaching their teens, adults never attain their full potential, and communities and nations are stalled on the road to development. Hunger in these proportions represents a stunning failure on the part of humanity.

For these reasons, the  Solidary Goodwill Ambassadors pledge to inspire people everywhere to work together in an International Alliance against Hunger;
call upon all people to help the least privileged people of the world finally to break out of the vicious circle of chronic hunger, poverty and undernourishment, and make a world where everyone has reliable access to safe and nutritious food;
Please join hands with us for a world free from hunger. 

Solidary Goodwill Ambassadors  Program:

A Solidary Goodwill Ambassador is an authorized unpaid representative of the organization. With clear support from the upper levels of the organization and Board of Directors, the Solidary Goodwill Ambassador is tasked with promoting both short-term and long-term policy objectives.

The Solidary Goodwill Ambassador will promote and provide information about Solidary, web page address, organization events, meeting dates, fundraising events, products and services, invitations for new Board Members and volunteers, via their public meetings and organizational newsletters.

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