Adriana Aguilar

Solidary Goodwill Ambassador

Adriana Aguilar was born in the United States, from Colombian descendents and she is known to be able to combine her external and internal beauty balancing her life as a professional in accounting as a Senior Staff Accountant, modeling and her most important role: Motherhood. For this model, there is nothing unachievable in 2009.¬† Adriana is concentrating on making all of her dreams come true as well as achieving more than just a beauty icon but helping the ‚ÄúSolidary Foundation‚Ä̬† as their spokesperson, and making a positive difference in peoples' lives.
Beyond all the activities she is involved in with work, family, modeling and community events,  Adriana enjoys the simple things that life offers  spending time at home with her family  and children that are a true blessing to her, loving nature and animals she wants to offer the people around her the gift of learning to love life, to be genuine, honest, giving and hard working which are the true keys to reaching happiness.

Adriana has a deep passion for the less fortunate in her community; continuing to follow her dreams through, to influence and inspire people with her example of overcoming great odds to achieve inner success; socially, professionally and spiritually.

For her time and dedication to the community it is a pleasure to have among us Ms. Adriana Aguilar.

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