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Our  prayers are with the good people of Haiti. Many are trying to make sense of the loss and destruction, wondering whether any hope remains.Solidary Foundation, LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) , and Bishop Steve Saintus , Pastor  - Teacher  (Hosanna Worship Center of Georgia) are working so hard to give to our brothers and sisters in Haiti a hope for a new life with dignity.The tragic loss of life and extensive damage caused by the earthquake that hit Haiti has left impoverished children, families and communities to suffer, while proper support is entirely out of their hands. It is up to us to help.In the aftermath of this terrible disaster, the coming the challenge is to alleviate the suffering and lend the proper support to those in such dire need. With the support of friends around the world, the strength and resolve of the Haitians themselves will prevail.We must UNITE as a nation in concern and compassion and with a desire to do whatever we can to contribute to the relief and recovery Haiti and its community desperately and urgently need.

The survivors of the quake and its aftershocks are now grappling with loss on an enormous scale, grieving for friends and family and exposed to the elements without clean water or shelter. Take a moment to pray that these people will find comfort and hope. Take a moment to donate more than you may be comfortable giving.

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