Became a nation-state in 1861 when the regional states of the peninsula, along with Sardinia and Sicily, were united under King Victor EMMANUEL II. An era of parliamentary government came to a close in the early 1920s when Benito MUSSOLINI established a Fascist dictatorship. His alliance with Nazi Germany led to Italy's defeat in World War II. A democratic republic replaced the monarchy in 1946 and economic revival followed. Italy was a charter member of NATO and the European Economic Community (EEC). It has been at the forefront of European economic and political unification, joining the Economic and Monetary Union in 1999. Persistent problems include illegal immigration, organized crime, corruption, high unemployment, sluggish economic growth, and the low incomes and technical standards of southern Italy compared with the prosperous north.
Southern Europe, a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia
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We provide not only a hygienic environment, balanced & nutritious food, clothing, and shelter but also education with love and affection, and above all morals, basic family values and culture. We are working to help needy people all over the world.To find your local office of Solidary and the programs we are development you are invited to visit us.

 Earthquake   in L’Aquila City,  Abruzzo 2009
 Latino de Oro  2008 - Milano, Italy
 International Life Award - Italy
 Latino de Oro  2007 - Milano, Italy
 Free Distribution of Christian Books. Sunday 15 of January 2006
 Free Lunch on Sunday 11, December 2005
 Free Lunch on Sunday 23, October 2005

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We have the pleasure of introduce you Solidary; a non-profit organization named Association Internazionale De Solidarite.
Solidary, is an organization in development, dedicated to help children and the communities, where are trying, all over the world, to overcome different situation which are the origin of poverty.
We help the people who are in need, not considering any motivation: religious, of race, ethnic, etc..; like unconditional demonstration of God’s love toward the people. Solidary, provide food and help in general every one in the same time giving education to the community to fight the poverty.

Fundamental values:
To work at the mission of Solidary we turn to professional people which demonstrate the follow values in which we trust:

We continuously serve, with compassion and impartiality, who are in need.

We work for the truth and for the respect, we always behave honestly and with responsibility.

We reckon on the Institutions support and on people, that, generously give to us help to serve the community.

We are dedicated in give an excellent service in a perseverant form and we are always disposed in extend our services to who are most in need.
We will continue working under the principle of justice, listening the voice of them, those are hungry and in an urgent need.

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Tenemos el gusto de presentar Solidary; una organización, sin fin lucrativo, con el nombre de Asociacion Internacional de Solidarite.
Solidary, es una organización en desarrollo dedicada para ayudar los ninos y las comunidades en las cuales viven, en todo el mundo, buscando superar diversas situaciones que estan al origen de la pobreza.
Nosotros, ayudamos las personas que tienen necesidad, sin considerar ninguna motivacion: religion, raza, etnia, etc…; como demostracion incondicionada de el amor de Dios hacia todo el mundo.
Solidary, provee alimentos y ayuda, en general, todos, al mismo tiempo da una educacion a la comunidad para poder combatir la pobreza.

Valores fundamentales de Solidary:
Para poder llevar adelante la mision de Solidary, hemos recurrido a profesionistas que demuestran los siguientes valores en los cuales nosotros creemos:

Nosotros continuamente servimos a quien tiene necesidad, con compasion e imparcialidad.

Nosotros trabajamos para la verdad y para el respeto, actuando siempre con honestidad y responsabilidad.

Nosotros contamos con el suporto de Instituciones y con perosnas que generosamente nos dan ayuda para poder servir la comunidad.

Nosotros nos dedicamos a dar un excelente servicio en manera perseverante y estamos dispuestos siempre a extender nuestros servicios a quien mas lo necesita.
Seguiremos trabajando seg√ļn los principios de la justicia, escuchando la voz de aquellos que tienen hambre y necesidad.

Chapter Volunteers

All international volunteer opportunities are arranged through your local chapter Solidary national headquarters is unable to match volunteers with international assignments. Use our Chapter Locator on Humanitarian Work on the left menu to find the chapter closest to you.

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