Christmas  in Cali, Colombia with more than 100 children - Navidad Cali, Colombia  con más de  100 niños

With the support Solidary Foundation, and especially the president Mr. Paul Chehade, on December 19 of 2009, we celebrated in Cali, Colombia with more than 100 children, the Christmas novena. All the assistants enjoyed food, candies, ice creams, gifts, and a complete day of recreation. This could not be possible without the kindness of the volunteers; we would like to give special thank to them. We mention the dedication of Ms. María Victoria Calderón and Ms. Angela Calderon and others.

In this special Saturday we thank the generosity of Mr. Chehade who year after year, has sent us scholastic gifts, clothes, medicine, equipment to give to these less lucky children. We hope that Good continue giving Mr. Chehade many blessings, so he can continue his amazing labour of faith, hope, and love to community.

Con el apoyo de la Fundación Solidary, y especialmente a su presidente Paul Chehade, este 19 de diciembre del 2009, celebramos en Cali, Colombia  con más de  100 niños, la novena de navidad, todos los  asistentes pudieron disfrutar de comida, dulces, helados, regalos, y un día completo de recreación gracias a los voluntarios. Mencionamos la dedicación de Ms. María Victoria Calderón and Ms. Angela Calderón entre otros.

En este sábado tan especial dimos gracias a la generosidad del Sr, Chehade quien año tras año, nos ha enviado regalos, ropa, medicina, útiles escolares para entregarles a estos niños menos afortunados. Esperamos que el Señor los siga llenando de salud y muchas bendiciones, para que pueda continuar con su gran obra.

Was We provide not only a hygienic environment, balanced & nutritious food, clothing, and shelter but also education with love and affection, and above all morals, basic family values and culture. We are working to help needy people all over the world.To find your local office of Solidary and the programs we are development you are invited to visit us.

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