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Rotary Club of Miami: 

Dear Mr. Paul Chehade,

Rotary Club of Miami and Solidary Foundation, together creating a success project helping hundreds people from Katrina destruction.

The Rotary Club of Miami and The Solidary Foundation created the largest and the most important project to collect donations for Hurricane Katrina victims in South Florida.

In only 10 days, The Rotary Club of Miami mobilized several midias and hundreds of volunteers in south Florida (Broward and Miami-Dade Counties) and received over 10 trucks loads of donations.

Several organizations worked together to make this project possible in such a short period of time: Solidary Foundation, Salvation Army, Red Cross, U.S. Cost Guard, Miami-Dade Public Schools, among several other private organizations.

The final numbers of this amasing effort is still being counted, but just for the first 10 days of effort (between September 6th to September 16th), the Rotary Club of Miami could donate the amount of U$ 12,500.00 in checks payable direct to Salvation Army and Red Cross and the conservative amount in donations exceed U$ 500,000.00.

This is by far the largest contribution made to Katrina victms in Florida made by one organization.

Our many thanks to Salvation Army, Red Cross, U.S. Cost Guard and Solidary Foundation.


Jair (Jay) Almeida
Rotary Club of Miami
President 2005-2006

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