Pastor Pablo Lagos

Pablo Lago was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, from Spanish parents. He grew up in a christian family, where his mother praied always to have a soon like God's servant. Since he was young, he attended each activity of the Church. The meeting with his wife Graciela is happened just there, where they served toghether the Lord since their youth, in Group and Corus, praising God, and like Director of the youth group. He was member of the First Baptist Church of Montevideo until 1972, year of his transfer to the USA, in the city of Miami, with his wife and his two bigger sons, Alejandro and Marcelo.

In this city he was the active part, with his wife and his three sons,(Leonardo, the youngest son born in Miami), of the Baptist Church Emmanuel until 1985, serving like Deacon, Director of the Praise, Leader of Familiar Service, Teacher of Sunday School.

Answering to God's appeal in the 1987, after having researched the direction of the Holy Spirit, he began an evangelical activity at his home, and when it started to grow, it became Christian Community La Roca Firme, which he founded and sheeped in the last seventeen years, with a total membership of six-hundred persons.With the collective vision to get, to make disciple and to build many souls for Jesus Christ, with the intension to reach all the sad, destroyed, sick and needful, to cure them, to renovate them and that they come to make part of the Body, the Church, to set the Reign in their lifes. In the 1992 we could buy a property where now a day we are working like Church, seeing the Powerful hand of God helping us and protecting us always.

All the family is concern in the work, working everybody toghether, his wife, his three sons with their respectives wifes, and his nieces which learn to speak and in the same time to praise the Lord.

Beginning every year with new challenges and reaching new aimes for the enlargement of God's Reign. 2004 began with big efforts from all the Church, to buy a lot of soil of about 4 acres, with a total price of $2,600,000, which is in front of our actual property. It's really been a God's miracle, which opened us the way to knock the doors which will be opened to give us a big blessing. The defiance for the year 2006, it's go on building the Home of the Lord, on this wondreful soil.

In this moment the Christian Community La Roca Firme, it is affiliated like Brother in Christ Council Church, it is been a big blessing, help and a big support for our MInistery.

We believe that God has still so much to give us, and much more tasks to assign us, it is our wish to accomplish with all that God gives us, making it for His excellence, for His glory and for His honor, knwing that we will recieve from him reward.