Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation

Dr. Edmund Shehadeh

Dear Friends,

Here at Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation "Specialized Rehabilitation and Surgery Hospital"(BASR), we believe that if all people are to achieve fullness in life, we need to reach out and encourage them to use and maximize their potential.

It is generally believed that having a person with disability is an instability factor for the family and the community in general. Such a concept could effect positively or negatively all aspects of an individual's life: social,economical, emotional and psychological. Our goal is to work on changing attitudes towards persons with disabilities, as they are human beings with great potential, able to contribute towards building up their society, as partners, using their own resources.

We would like to introduce our work to you. We hope you will feel the enthusiasm we have for the future in terms of the growth of our existing services and also the development of new innovative projects. Equally, we do hope you will sense the underlying philosophy of our work here: the integration of a wide range of medical and rehabilitation services to support the independence of people and communities.

BASR is in the heart of one of the most troubled lands the world has ever known; and yet there is a real sense of hope here for reconciliation and peace. Often, in a tense or difficult situation between people, it is the small gesture of understanding and care which makes a huge difference in people's life.

You will see a clear statement of our goals to take us into the twenty first century. But I would like to add one of my own, in this opening message: We hope that through our work and contacts with national and international communities, we can make one of those small gestures that make a difference.

Edmund Shehadeh
Executive Director

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