Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation

Home Based Rehabilitation Program:

Specialist staff from BASR conduct regular home visits to the disabled children and their families to provide them with the necessary rehabilitation services as well as social assistance, medication and technical aids and diapers. In addition, they carry out home modification in the physical environment to overcome the accessibility barriers and promote their independence. Six hundred and thirty two persons benefited from these services.


The BASR has managed to achieve the following:

•  Inaugurating the Second Phase of the building project “In-patients wards” with a total bed capacity of 100 beds.

•  Signing a partnership agreement between AISPO and BASR for the development of BASR as a center of excellence in Rehabilitation medicine and referral orthopedic pediatric and ophthalmic surgical hospital .

•  Establishing a vestibular assessment unit as an extension to the audio logy department.

•  Establishing two units “with six beds” for vegetative patients.

•  Expanding the occupational therapy department by establishing a unit for training patients in independent living activities.

•  Refurbishing and furnishing El-Khader, Beit-Fajjar and Beit-Sahour CDCs.

•  Providing all CDCs with visual aids, computers, educational materials as well as education computer programs.

•  Signing an agreement with United Relief and Welfare Agency (UNRWA) according to which they are committed to buy BASR's audio logy services and to sponsor two rehabilitation beds.

•  Making deals with different European and local bureau of tourism to direct tourist to visit our work and have buy meals.

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