Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation


Deheisheh Center :
Throughout the year 1998 it has served 47 children with hearing impairment and communication disorders. 15 children were provided with hearing aids, two with wheelchairs and 4 with walkers.

Beit- Sahaour Center :
It has served 28 adolescents and adults with severe learning difficulties and behavioral problems. One client has been provided with a wheelchair, another with a walker.

El Khader Center :
It has served 38 children with learning difficulties and / or physical disability as well as 90 pre-Scholl children. The policy followed by this center is to prepare children with special needs for schooling after which they are included in the regular kindergarten. Five children have been referred to the kindergarten. Two persons were provided with electrical wheelchairs, one with a normal wheelchair, and two with walkers.

Nahaleen Center :
It is the pioneer among the other centers which started the inclusive education project where children with mild learning difficulties and those with physical disabilities are successfully included in the regular classroom. Throughout the year 1998 it has served 170 school-aged children, in addition to 150 children from the village who participated in the summer camp. Two children were provided with walkers and one with a wheelchair.

Za'atara Center:
This center is located in the Judea desert. It encounters transportation difficulties since children come dispersed areas, which limits the number of enrollees. It has served around 29 children with learning difficulties and/ or physical disabilities. One person has been provided with a wheelchair, 4 with walkers, 3 with surgical boots and two with hearing aids.

Beit- Fajjar Center :
The children enrolled at this center come from the local community and remote areas. It has served 26 children with hearing impairment, learning difficulties and physical disabilities. Four children have been provided with hearing aids, two with wheelchairs and one with a walker.

Obeidiyeh Center :
It has served around 33 children with special needs. Two have been provided with wheelchairs and one with a walker.

Children's Cultural Center:
This center aims at enhancing children's optimal development through its carious educational, cultural, social, physical as well recreational and leisure activities. It provides opportunity for disadvantaged children to have access to those activities of which they are deprived in their own communities. Throughout the year the center has served around 2000 children ages 4 to 18 years from the Bethlehem area.