Dr. Anire Okpaku

Solidary Goodwill Ambassador

Dr. Anire Okpaku comes to Miami after many years of school, training, and life experience.  He began his journey in Scotland, where he was born, and then raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Okpaku comes from a modest upbringing and believed from an early age that the American dream is possible.  His father taught him to love, honor and protect the family, and with this belief and support he pursued his career.

Dr. Okpaku began his undergraduate career at the University of Colorado at Boulder, attended medical school at Jefferson Medical College, completed a five year residency in General Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and finished his training with a three year fellowship in Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Health Science center at San Antonio.  He is double board certified with the American Board of General Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Since returning to Miami in 2006, Dr. Okpaku spends his time and energy in his practice and patients, yet still finds time to volunteer his skills internationally.  Most recently, he traveled to Port au Prince, Haiti to provide relief to patients there in this critical time of need.

Dr. Okpaku continues to dedicate his career to his patients all over the world so that he can give everyone the same smile and belief that they, too can fulfill their personal dream.

Haiti - Visit to Haiti by Solidary Foundation Medical Delegation

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